About Mikoto


Our Concepts
Having tea gives us time to relax.
Time to relax is not only a personal benefit
but also an opportunity to look around
and think about our surroundings.
It helps us to live a happy life
and discover treasures for our minds.
Mikoto Tea House offers you the opportunity for this.

Shop Owner
In my school days I was influenced by my elder sister
who loved to have Black Tea.
Soon I had interest in Oolong Tea and Japanese Tea.

I had a job at a Japanese Tea company
and also obtained the qualification of
‘Japanese Tea Instructor’.

In my travel to Taiwan
I visited the Taiwanese Tea shop
with whose master I had long wanted to converse.
Several years later I was so fortunate
to be given the opportunity
to work and learn at his shop.
My wife and I left our previous jobs
and moved to Taiwan together.
In Taiwan we met precious people who also love to have tea,
and visited tea farms, tea factories,
hundreds of tea shops and tea parties.

Coming back to Japan, we made a decision
to set the location of the teashop in Kanazawa.
Kanazawa is a prosperous city     
which, just 130 years ago,
had Japan’s fourth largest population.
Kanazawa is also a historical city
which has nurtured the original tea culture
such as blown tea of plants' stems.
It boasts Japan’s second largest consumption
of Matcha Tea as well.

We welcome anybody who would like to have tea with us.

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