Matcha Tea Gathering

1.Two bowls of light Matcha/light-flavored tea with sweets

First bowl - ceremonially served by Mikoto Tea House
Second bowl - each guest tries making him/her own bowl

2.One bowl of thick Matcha/full-flavored(※) tea with sweets

※ In current tea ceremonies, thick Matcha is served in most formal occasions, hence tea ceremonies serving thick Matcha are rarely held.
Tea ceremonies making light Matcha are more popularly conducted.

Anyone who has an interest,
please select any one of the the above -1 or 2-
and feel free to contact us.
Reservation required

Time & Date

9:30 AM / Monday to Friday
Call us about availability for Saturday session

Participation Fee

3,500 yen/person


Mikoto Tea House

Reservation & Others

Please reserve by 17:00 of the day before the session.
・Participants : 2 - 5
・Duration : 60 minutes
・Session in English
・Please refrein from wearing perfume or cosmetics with strong aroma.

For Reservation : Application form
WhatsApp : +81 70 3982 0463
TEL : 070-3982-0463